Saturday, October 9, 2010

In Game Changes

I feel like jabbering about some of the upcoming in game changes that are about to happen. Now keep in mind while you read my rambling that I am not a huge number person. Never have been, never will be...numbers and I just aren't huge pals. We associate out of necessity, but we don't get along too well. If you're the type of person to run Sims and that always does the number crunching in order to get the most out of your character, that's cool. I've always been more of the type that goes with my gut on how my set up is performing, and which direction I should go in order to improve my DPS (or on the occasion heals and tanking too).

Now, today Totem Talk put up this post on the upcoming changes that will be effecting Enhancement Shaman. There's not a ton of huuuge ones, save for the changes to Searing Totem and Lava Lash, but the one that's slightly bothered me was the fact that we're going to be stacking Agility. Now, anyone who's known me for any amount of time, and has looked at my gear, has known that I've been an Agi stacker for most of this expansion. Yes, even though for the longest time AP, AP/Haste, or pure Haste were the fads. I loved my Agi. I even had a few Haste gems in there just to be able to keep up, but most of my red sockets had my beloved Agility in there somewhere. A month or so ago I finally started to play around on Rawr. I knew that I was over the melee crit cap once I had a proc or two pop (unbuffed), so I started to tinker with the idea of going more of an AP and heavy Haste route. This had Sim'd out pretty decently, and showed a rather decent increase in potential DPS numbers. Convinced that this would help improve my in game DPS (I was looking for a few new pretty numbers, since raiding has become something on the far back burner due to computer issues, and I was feeling adventurous), I spent the money to get AP/Haste and Haste gems. Honestly, I wasn't floored by the results any, and almost feels as if though I've had a DPS decrease, instead of the apparent increase I was supposed to have. Now I find out that we'll be stacking Agility once again thanks to Attack Powers more or less demise in the gemming world, and I'm kind of sad that I had diverted from what I've always preferred. Oh well I suppose. At least I have Armor Pen being converted into Crit to look forward to!! Yes, I'm verrrrry excited about this. I can finally stop being so damn picky about gear!

RIP Magma Totem, hello to Searing being useful, and new talent trees!!! (Indoor Ghost Wolf, I approve.)

Also on the note of change, I'm looking forward to and yet a bit saddened to see ArP going away for my Druid. Armor Penetration was such a delicious stat as a Feral cat. She's currently ArP capped with her trinket proccing, so despite her not being geared to the teeth, she pulls some rather nice numbers. Thankfully she only has 5 gems that will need switching once this next patch goes live, but it will still be a bit of a sad day.

Upside of this incoming patch though for cats is Skull Bash. An instant interrupt that doesn't require combo points like Maim?!?! Thank you Blizz!!! While this has some nice practical uses in PvE, I can see this being incredibly useful in PvP. I'm really hoping that I have some luck with my computer issues soon, because I really can't wait to be able to hit the battlegrounds and Skull Bash some fools in.

The cat feral druids don't seem to have a whole lot of change coming up in this next patch, save for easier talent trees (sooo much easier than the mess we had before, trying to sort which were cat talents, which were bear, which were useful to both, etc). The only change that I may find strange at first is the fact that Savage Roar is apparently not so much of a priority. This will be a rather hard, yet somewhat welcome, habit to break. Honestly, I've been playing a little Rogue lately, and I keep wanting to use Savage Roar. Yes, it really is that much of an obsessive habit. I really like how that even though they're dumbing down talent trees a bit, the Feral Cat will still be the king of juggling bleed timers and energy. I think my biggest love of cat DPS comes from its complexity, and from the fact that if you can master this complexity, you do very well as a cat. If you don't, you often find yourself going Resto or Boomkin.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with kitty DPS, here's a handy chart.

It's really not all THAT hard ;  )

As far as other class changes are concerned, I've really only peaked at a few changes. The new Shadow/Disco changes for Priests look kinda fun. Learning how to use Hunter focus may be something I save for a really rainy day (though come on bigger stables! I want an army of Hunter pets!!!). Warlock changes are...interesting. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the new Demonology set up, so I might end up going back to Affliction. I may end up tinkering with my Warlock once I get the Shaman and Druid settled.

So yes, a lot is changing, yet just enough is staying the same to help make at least a few things seem recognizable. It should be fun to have such a large change...or it may just end up being a huge pain in the behind. Guess we'll find out soon enough!

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