Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fail? Possibly.

How did I miss this! Bah, damn being offline.

Anyways...uhhhh right! Body and Soul (the Jenesee Project) is live, but I don't know if I completely like it yet. I ended up not leaving when expected, and had some time to work with Jenesee a bit. There's also not a whole lot of content so far, but expect that to fill up sometime in the next month or so. You know, whenever I get the chance to come back on and dump all the material I've written up online : P

Kind of random, but the animations for the camel mount? Win. He's ploppy and gross, and I absolutely have one! Camel!!!

You may see a little gnome in the post below this one. She's Milly Bays. No you cannot have her, yes she's for an upcoming project. You *might* eventually see that one pop up in here, but for now, just "ooh" and "aah" at her cuteness.

News on the scepter quest! Today we managed to both finish off the quest involving the 500 pound chicken. Go go epic recipe! I decided to keep mine, since I like collecting things. After having done this, we ventured off to BWL to gather a part of our Draconic book and to begin the red portion of the three part quest line. Well, we both got our book bits, but sadly only one of us was able to complete the quest offered for the red line. So, off we go to BWL again so I can complete it, and also for more Elementium Ore. Noooo fun! *Makes a grumpy face at BWL*

Next we went into MC to try and retrieve the last part of the Draconic book. Once again, only one of us was able to loot it. I gotta kill that bugger again! Oh well, I needed more Sulfuron Ingots and Blood of the Mountains for my legendary mace anyways! Rep of course is always a plus too.

Scatter brained entry from a scatter brained mind. Fun, eh?

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