Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Green + Blue = Epic

First off, I'd like to share some funnies, and then we shall get into what I really want to babble about.

Storng cat durid is haf no ninervate ok? This link makes your head hurt a bit, but it's oh so funny, and oh so true imo : P

This PvP guide is an old favorite of mine. It's funny lines have managed to stick in my head like transparent glue for the better part of this past year.

H'okay! Now that the hilarity has ceased, down to the epicness!!!!1!!11

K, so my priest friend and I were working on our Scepter quest line, correct? Well, we finished our Green portion of said quest line, and let me just say....the fight against Eranikus was pretty famazing. I ended up tanking him though because little level 73 Remulos didn't stand a chance in keeping aggro off me. Towards the end I was taking about 3k nature damage per tick, but between my healing (both through wolves when they were up, and my maelstorm heals), the healing of my priesty friend (bubble/mending/whatever else she threw at me), and eventually Tyrande, the slow killing of Eranikus wasn't too bad. A tad chaotic, but all in all an amazing encounter. It was really nice to be able to free Eranikus, as opposed to toting around his poor tortured soul in a trinket.

 Please excuse the incredibly plain UI. The computer I've been playing on had a CPU death, and I've had to resort to a craptastically crappy laptop. I refer to it as my lagtop.

Once this was completed, we began our Blue portion of the quest line.

Before I go any further I must state that Azuregos is my fucking hero. Don't even bother to pardon my language there.

Ahem, as I was saying, we began the Blue part. A-mazing. We're probably only about half way done currently, but from what I've seen thus far, it's a hilarious goose chase at best. From Azuregos's hair-brained way of hiding his portion of the scepter (I gave it to a fish. Not just any fish, mortal. a minnow. This fish was a minnow. A very special minnow) to what we have to aquire to get said minnow (there's something that deals with a 500 pound chicken, a crazy gnome in love with all things velvet, a lonely mermaid, talking to afore mentioned gnome's ex b.f.f. that resides in a crate, to taking on someone named Dr. Weavil), to having to collect bits of a book so that we can read something in draconic...let's just say there are many laughs to be had. While there are several farming headaches (I can only imagine how painful this was at 60), this quest line as thus far been worth all the hours.

Unfortunately the plans to get through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and Onyxia to get our missing book pieces fell through for the day, so our journey is halted for a bit. Perhaps if it rains I can stay in town for a day longer!

Because todays plans fell through, I did some much needed farming. Rep farming that is! On my shaman I've managed to finish off my Consortium rep (fiiiinally, I've been slacking and this one took a few more hours than planned), thus getting the achievement for them and getting the 35 Exalted Reputations achievement. Later on I'll go pick up the Consortium's tabard and attempt to live in a few bgs to get the Stormpike Battle tabard so I can grab my 25 Tabards achievement. Have I ever mentioned how much I love achievements?

Today I also finished off my druid's Argent Dawn rep, and to top that one off, Baron dropped his mount!!! I was soooo very happy to have gotten that after only 23 kills. I also managed to pop the Stable Keeper achievement off of learning Baron's mount (epic, I know...I don't collect on my druid like I do the shaman). I'm very very excited to say the least. The downer of the day for the druid though was realizing on the last day of Brewfest that I wouldn't be able to get enough tokens to renew my Brew of the Month Club subscription. I'm one lousy brew away from that achievement *hangs head dejectively*. I'll have to remember that one for next year.

On the topic of mounts, this morning I managed to get a ram on my warlock's Brewfest bag. Kind of exciting, I guess. So this year's Brewfest total is: 4 rams (1 shaman, 2 hunter, 1 lock), 2 Tankard of Terrors (1 shaman, 1 lock), and 1 remote (lock). Fail RNG is fail. Guess I'm waiting yet another year for that illusive kodo :  /

That's all I have for the moment. Until more adventures are had, stay cool.

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