Sunday, October 23, 2016

Enhancement Resources for Legion

With the retirement of Totemspot and seeing a large swath of incorrect information flying around, I thought it was time for me to come out of my perpetual silence to share with you all a list of resources and FAQs to help you combat the Legion as an Enhancement shaman. Please keep in mind that this is accurate as of patch 7.1. For the most up to date information, keep an eye on the Enhancement channel in Earthrine.

General Resources

Earthshrine - The official Shaman Discord channel. Better than IRC or a forum! Check the pins in the appropriate channels for links to all sorts of resources. Check the #Welcome-Readfirst channel for a list of links to the other class Discord channels.

Wordup's Enhancement Guide - Found on Wowhead, this is your best starting point for Enhancement. Yes, he keeps it up to date. No, Icy-Veins is not 100% accurate at this time (sadly). No, Noxxic is not even remotely useful, stay clear. Keep to Wordup's guide.

Wordup's Enhancement Weakauras - I run a watered down/altered version of this set. Most of what you could want to track as Enhancement can be found within this pack.

Hekili's Priority Helper - If you need help with your rotation, this is the best there is. Hekili keeps this well up to date and is constantly making tweaks to help you get the most bang for your button press. Also available for Retribution and Windwalker.


Any Frequently Asked Question not found here can be found within Wordup's guide over on Wowhead. I may add on to this list at a later date.

Q: What are the benefits of playing Enhancement?
A: Strong single target damage, strong consistent cleave, decent mobility, decent self healing. Some nice utility (AoE root/slow OR AoE stun OR AoE CC, strong single target CC, AoE movement speed) that can benefit a raid but especially shines in 5 man content. Plus, some pretty neat aesthetics. Outside of burst AoE scenarios, we're one of the stronger melee specs in game currently.

Q: What are our stat priorities?
A: Mastery > Haste > Versatility >> Crit

Q: When I Sim myself, haste comes out higher. Why?
A: Trinket types or current gear can skew Sim results. Incredibly low haste levels could be causing your Sim to favor more haste. In most scenarios it's still more beneficial to continue to stick to mastery gems and enchants. Chances are you'll gain and change out gear frequently as you continue to improve your ilvl, which will alter your stat balances.

Q: Icy-Veins says I need 17% haste, is this true?
A: No. There is no haste soft cap for Enhancement. Hardcap is 100% and we'll likely not see that within this expansion, even with stat bloat.

Q: Is there a mastery hardcap?
A: Nope. The more, the better.

Q: Where can I find a BiS gear list?
A: There isn't one. Thanks to the Warforged/Titanforged system, it's a complete pain in the butt to Sim every gearing scenario. Take what you can get and when in doubt, Sim it.

Q: Is there a BiS list for trinkets?
A: This is the closest thing you'll get. Up to date as of October 17, 2016 by Wordup. Keep in mind that you'll need to Sim yourself if you have trinkets of varying ilvl; secondary stat levels may change how well certain trinkets perform for you.

Q: Everyone keeps telling me to Sim myself! How do I do this?
A: Check out this guide to get you started.

Q: What's the best artifact path?
A: You can find Wordup's quick and dirty recommendation chart here.

Q: Best race for Enhancement?
A: All races Sim very closely. If you're asking this question, you're likely not playing at a level where the race of your character will impact your performance. Choose whichever race you like best and which racials you think you'll personally benefit from the most.

Q: Best Shaman Class Hall followers?
A: Here's a nifty chart. If you'd like to keep Rehgar as a bodyguard, consider deactivating Avalanch.

Q: Best Shaman Class Hall traits?
A: Personal preference.

Media Links

The following are the fellow Enhancement Shaman folks that I personally recommend. My media production as of this post is on semi-hiatus. You'll see some videos from me crop up here and there, but nothing particularly useful.

If you're ever in need of Restoration or Elemental people to follow, please don't hesitate to give me a poke on Twitter. I'll happily redirect you to some awesome folks.

Wordup's Youtube - Guides, previews, and Mythic content, oh my!
Wordup's Twitter - Enhancement talk and occasionally some sass.
Wordup's Twitch - Best hair EU. Streams sporadically, but worth catching when he does.

 Hekili's Twitter - Best taco dog on the net. Addon stuff, terrible puns.

Maelfus' Twitch - Streams more frequently than Wordup, but not by much. Dies a lot. I'm often in chat heckling him.
Maelfus' Twitter - Food, shaman stuff, general nerdery. Best beard in the shaman kingdom.

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