Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Soloing Throne of Thunder as Enhancement

Throne of Thunder is an instance that's been mostly soloable by Enhancement since 6.1, depending on the amount of gear one had and how nicely RNG on Jin'rokh wanted to play. 6.2 has brought some nice quality of life changes to the soloing scene, mainly with Jin'rokh himself, making this instance a little less of a hassle to solo.

In this post I've included all of my ToT soloing videos, up through Ji-Kun. At this time Durumu does far too much damage to allow non-tanks such as ourselves to survive, but thankfully us mount hunters only really need up to Ji-kun anyways. So unless you're someone who's missing a raid drop pet from one of the later bosses or are looking to get your mits on some transmog that drops from a later boss, you're in luck.

What are the benefits of soloing ToT?
- Transmog! As long as you're not after an item off of the Council of Elders (loot drops currently do not exist for some reason - bug), this place has some pretty nifty items that have a troll vibe to them.
- Mounts! There are two rather neat looking mounts to gain from this instance.
Spawn of Horridon - 1.7% chance and drops from Horridon.
Clutch of Ji-Kun - 1.8% chance and drops from Ji-Kun.
- Pets! There are several pets that can be collected in this instance.
Living Sandling - 4% drop chance and comes from the trash between Horridon and Council of Elders.
Ji-Kun Hatchling - .94% drop chance and comes from Ji-Kun herself.
Son of Animus - 1.13% drop chance and comes from Dark Animus. While you're currently unable to solo your way through Durumu and Dark Animus, it's worth a mention since it will be possible someday. For now, bring a (tank and possibly healer) friend!
- Toys! Okay, there's only one toy that drops from this instance, but it's a fun and incredibly rare one.
Gastropod Shell - .69% chance to drop and comes off of the Gastropods (aka Gary!) between Megaera and Ji-Kun. His name is Jerry.
- Achievements! There are numerous achievements in this instance, which when all completed award Glory of the Thundering Raider. At the time of this post *most* of the achievements are not soloable, or at least not easily soloable. Cage Match, One-Up, and Head Case are your best bets for now. Heroics modes are out, and several other achievements will require at least 1-2 other people.
2/1/2016 Edit: It's now possible to solo Heroic ToT up until Durumu, who seems to be still impossible for non-tank classes, even on norma

How do I do the thing?
Take a gander at the following videos. I've put how to tips on the videos themselves (it's text, not VO, sorry!) that should lead you in the right direction. As always, I'm happy to answer any and all questions either on this post, on the videos themselves, or on Twitter.



Council of Elders





Good luck, have fun, and may drop luck be on your side!

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