Friday, September 23, 2011

Hoarders: Azeroth Edition - It's Brewfest, Bro!

Happy belated Thursday all! As the title states above, it is indeed Brewfest once again. It's a time of drunken brawls, brew maidens, and sausages. The sound of whips hitting ram hide fills the air, the scent of hops and vomit linger about, and you never know when a drill filled with little men will pop up from beneath your feet. Ah yes, it is Brewfest indeed. Had the pirates stuck around for more than a day, they certainly wouldn't be asking "...but why is the rum gone?" because, well, they'd be far too tanked on the latest and greatest of Dwarven brews.

As it is with all of the major meta holidays that are offered up in Azeroth, Brewfest brings with it a title, a barrel full of achievements, and of course many items in which you can hoard away in your bank. Let us get to the list of collectables, shall we?


Brew of the Month *
Brew of the Year
Direbrewfest *
Disturbing the Peace
Does Your Wolpertinger Linger? *
Down With the Dark Iron *
Drunken Stupor
Have Key, Will Travel *
Strange Brew (Alliance) / Strange Brew (Horde)
The Brewfest Diet *

* Indicates the achievements required to complete the Brewmaster/Brewmaster meta. The Brewmaster achievement is required for the What A Long Strange Trip It's Been (Alliance/Horde) meta achievement.

Bitterer Balebrew Charm - A stamina trinket that let's you summon the Black Brewmaiden! Unless you're in greens or Cataclysm starts to suddenly favor stam stacking (unlikely), this trinket is more for fun. Drops from Coren Direbrew.

Bubblier Brightbrew Charm - A stamina trinket that let's you summon the Brewmaiden! Like the trinket above, it's really just more for fun. The flavor of text and use on these trinkets are neat at least! Drops from Coren Direbrew.

Brawler's Trophy - Hey tanks, Blizz heard that you like dodge. They figured that since you were all brawlers, that they'd give you more dodge to dodge with as you dodged them boss smacks to the face. All in all not a bad trinket. Drops from Coren Direbrew.

Coren's Chilled Chromium Coaster - A blanket crit/attack power trinket for all melee DPS. Might be a good upgrade from a ilvl 333 trinket, but most 346 trinkets will beat out this trinket's DPS for most classes I think. Sad, but true. Drops from Coren Direbrew.

Mithril Stopwatch - A blanket crit/spell power trinket for all caster DPS. Overall not a terrible trinket, though certain caster types may find themselves reforging out of the crit in favor of a different stat. Drops from Coren Direbrew.

Petrified Pickled Egg -  An intellect trinket with a haste proc. While I'm not sure how this trinket holds up against 346 or 359 trinkets, it may very well be a solid upgrade for several folks depending on what you have access to, your play-style, your class, and what you are/are not stacking stat wise. Drops from Coren Direbrew.

Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker - BoP agility dagger. WHY ARE YOU BOP?!?! *Ahem* A relatively decent slowish dagger (2.00 speed) that drops from the Key-Shaped Treasure Chest that you receive upon your daily kill of Coren Direbrew. Not sure on the exact drop rate, but considering I've already received two of these at the time of writing this, I'm going to assume that it's not horribly rare. Not incredibly common, but not horribly rare.

Tremendous Tankard O' Terror - BoE agility mace. A decent weapon for an enhancement shaman or a rogue who is in the market for a 2.60 speed weapon. Drops from the Key-Shaped Treasure Chest that you receive upon your daily kill of Coren Direbrew. Not sure on the exact drop rate, but seems fairly common. Won't replace your 259 weapons, but is an alright upgrade over 353's.

Brewfest Keg Pony - When you use this item it will behave as it was a non-combat companion, taking the place of any non-combat pet you already had summoned (yes, his sloshing booze scares away even the ballsiest of Westfall Chickens). However, upon use he will not be placed into your spell book, taking residence along side your other non-combat pets. He will hog up a bag slot.

Brefest Pony Keg - It's a keg, what more could you want?

Purple Brewfest Hat
or Green Brewfest Hat
or Brown Brewfest Hat
or Blue Brewfest Hat
Brewfest Regalia
or Brewfest Dress
Brewfest Boots
or Brewfest Slippers
Brewfest Garb, needed for the Disturbing the Peace achievement.

Belbi's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles (Alliance Only)
Blix's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles (Horde Only)

Great Brewfest Kodo - 24% drop rate from the Key-Shaped Treasure Chest that you receive upon your daily kill of Coren Direbrew. You can only obtain one Treasure Chest per day. While I see people running around on this mount, I'm convinced that it doesn't actually exist.

Swift Brewfest Ram - 24% drop rate from the Key-Shaped Treasure Chest that you receive upon your daily kill of Coren Direbrew. You can only obtain one Treasure Chest per day.

Brewfest Ram - While this mount technically no longer exists, unless you managed to obtain it prior to it's removal of course, you can transform your current mount to temporarily mimic the look of this classic mount, or if you're horde, to mimic the look of a Brewfest Kodo. To do this simply purchase Fresh Brewfest Hops, or Fresh Dwarven Brewfest Hops/Fresh Goblin Brewfest Hops from your local Brewfest vendor via Brewfest Prize Tokens.

Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm

**Unless otherwise noted as a drop, all items listed here are purchasable with Brewfest Prize Tokens. These tokens are awarded through quests and dailies offered only during the Brewfest event. These tokens may be exchanged for goods with either Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) or Blix Fixwidget (Horde).**

There are many, many items that I did not list here that you can find at the Brewfest vendors. Various brews and foods are available, all you must do is explore the Brewfest grounds! Well, so long as the Dark Iron Dwarves aren't invading that is, which happens at the top and bottom of every hour. For you leveling folk out there, also remember that you can get a 10% experience boost that lasts for two hours if you attend the tapping of the keg! This ceremony happens at 6:15am and 6:15pm of every day, so snatch up your extra xp while it's still available. Brewfest will last until October 6th.

That's all I have for this week folks. Until Brewfest is over please find yourself a designated driver and keep your ale cold. Cheers!

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