Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Through Your Interface - Day 5, Title of Choice

Once upon a time a title was a sort of great feat. It was a rare beast that only the most accomplished of raiders and the most dedicated of PvPers managed to earn. If you saw someone with a title, you knew that they were a hardcore WoW player. In this day and age titles are everywhere. You still get titles for PvPing and accomplishing certain things in the PvE environment, but you can also get some fairly nifty ones through simple grinding. There are also a few titles that are really neat and easy to get, but unfortunately no one uses those since they are a dime a dozen ('the Patient' how I wish you weren't so easy to obtain!). Everyone likes a bit of individuality after all. So that's what today's Through Your Interface post is all about.

Show us an image of you pimping your favorite title and give us a reason why you dig it so much.

I gushed a bit about this title in the last TYI post since it is indeed a hell of an achievement to get. While it may not quite have the reputation grind that say, the Insane has, but there's so much luck involved and you're battling against so many folk to win a fishing derby that trying to get the 'Salty' title is well, boarder line insane in itself. I love it because I worked my little Draenei tail off to get it, it's still fairly rare, and well, Salty Saz just has a sexy ring to it.


  1. "Salty" is a great and hard earned title, (which still eludes me), Gratz on the accomplishment!!

  2. I've always been in awe of Saltys.

    I think "Salty" is way over the line! While doing the "Insane" grind you know if you do it you'll get the title, there's no RNG involved, no rare fish to get, no fishing contests to win.

    I'd just be happy to catch that one that didn't get away.

  3. I want a blog so I can participate in Through Your Interface. I have the perfect screen shot of me getting Professor.

  4. Salty is the best title ever Saz and it goes well with your name!
    @Mighley: start a blog! I'll go and look at your pictures :)

  5. @Sol - Many thanks ^_^

    @TotA - It really is a bit off the wall. Long had I lusted over that title, never thinking that little ol' me would get it. The RNG! So painful...

    @Migh - I'm gonna echo Sparrowgal here: start one! Doooo iiiit!

    @Sparrowgal - That it is! And thank ya : D