Sunday, June 26, 2011

Super Mini Update Post

...since I've been too lazy/preoccupied to do a proper full-blown Friday one. I'll blame it on family this week.

Just a few things to cover really. First, I have a new writing project. If you don't follow me on Twitter, or you're like me and follow so many people that tweets just kind of blow right by you, you probably haven't heard of it. It's a fanfic project based on my druid and is called Feral By Nature. I have no set schedule for when I'll be releasing new "chapters" or whatever you want to call the posts, but I aim to have a new one every week or at the very least every other week. No promises though.

Next up is the fact that I now have a Tumblr account. Why I have a Tumblr account is really beyond me. I was originally going to attempt to host the FBN project on there, but quickly realized that it isn't really the proper platform that I wanted to use for such a project. Now that account will just be filled with random useless crap. The kind of random useless crap I try with great might to keep off of Twitter, Facebook, and this blog. You'll probably see me at my most insane on Tumblr if you haven't had the, uh, pleasure of being in a chat channel with me.

There's four days left to vote on the poll on my site. No, there isn't any incentives to click buttons but I do get a kick out of the answers. I may also base a future post on this latest poll.

I had ads up on WoS in hopes to eventually give me a little play money for WoW. Google AdSense kind of decided to say "Hey thanks for several months free advertising! We're going to shut down your account now and not pay you. Have a nice day!"...those of course weren't their exact words, but I think you get the picture. So yeah, if you were wondering where those went (I'm sure you were and I know you were worried), that's what went down. Me babbling about this is more of a reminder to myself to look into other avenues in order to ensure that I have a steady WoW account again.

Last but possibly the most awesome, I must gush over how awesome the Through Your Interface project has turned out. I've tried to comment on as many of the posts as possible, but I know I've missed quite a few. Regardless if I have commented on your images or not, I have to say that I love them all. It's always refreshing to see the game through another person's eyes. This project has brought quite a few new blogs to my attention, along with introducing me to a lot of new personalities that I hope to continue to have the privilege of following in the future. I'll be putting out a master list post for the Through Your Interface participants very soon, so if you haven't done so yet please leave a comment on the original post!

This mini post has quickly gotten larger than I intended. I'm off to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather that we're having in the UP while we still have it! Have an excellent week folks, and keep an eye out for hopefully some quality content from me in the next several days!



  1. I just read the first chapter of Feral By Nature. When I read this post I thought one every week or two was fair but now! I want to know what happened all those years ago. Okay, I'll try to be patient, sigh ...

  2. Soon enough, soon enough ; )