Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20 Days of...Things I Miss (Post Cataclysm) (Day 16)

Confession time: I'm slacking. Hard. I'm still working on this 20 Days of challenge partially out of laziness, and partially out of me wanting to avoid some subjects. Well, *puts on big girl pants* let's get into it, shall we?

There are many, many things that I miss from the pre-Cataclysm era. Some of the changes brought about were Deathwing's doing, some were mechanical, and others were just socially inevitable I suppose. Lists. I must do this in a list. It's the only way I can think to bring order to this topic for me.

- I miss the days where I was able to PuG a 25 man raid with some success. I long for the days to be an anonymous DPSer who would just get a raid invite and claw some faces off.

- I miss my guild. I do not necessarily miss the responsibility, stress, or drama, but I do miss being surrounded by a rather dependable community. Ever since I had to leave WoW for a bit and things fell apart with that guild I've been a tad bit lost.

- I long for the heroic grind to no longer feel like a heroic feat once again. I love the fact that Blizzard upped the difficulty levels for heroics, I really do, but at the same time I hate leaving a heroic absolutely drained. In Wrath I was able to put my game face on and was able to get through multiple heroics in a day and still have enough energy to raid. In Cataclysm I go through one heroics and I'm more or less tapped. Granted, heroics on my druid have been much more forgiving than on my poor shaman and I'm able to run several more heroics at a go on the kitty, but I'm still left feeling incredibly tapped out. As a once chronic raider, I feel a great urge to get through my heroics, gear up, and to make my characters look statistically pretty. As things are now, even with the changes I'm having a very difficult time making my weekly VP cap for heroics on the druid alone, let alone both of my mains. This makes me a very sad shaman/druid.

- I miss Dalaran. While it was laggy as hell, I loved /dancing with the Horde folk, hanging in the sewers with my peeps, and the convenience of the portals.

- I miss the confidence to not only raid, but raid as a melee. Those of us who prefer to smell the farts of bosses seemed to have really received the short end of the stick with Cataclysm mechanics (not only for raiding, but heroics kind of suck as well for us) and it has made me even more hesitant to try and step back into the raiding scene. Granted I have a lot of other anxieties regarding raiding - I have some ocd-like issues when it comes to my damage output and where I lay on the meters on top of my general "gah people" issues - so really I'm just at an awkward turtle stage. I was comfortable with how Wrath ran, and I'm not so comfortable with how Cataclysm is. Things are how they are, but I really do miss that comfort and the confidence that naturally comes with that sense of comfort.

- I miss a lot of the random personalities that I've had the joy of running content with. Many of those personalities have either moved to different guilds/servers, discontinued logging in to WoW for a wide variety of reasons, or have parted this world all together. While I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to get to know those personalities on some level, I still miss them!

There are of course many many other small things that I miss from the pre-Cataclysm era, some of which are minor details like certain little hidden areas being removed or certain NPCs switching location or being removed all together (generally I do love the area revamps though) but those mentioned above I think are the bigger ones for me. Especially that bit about /dancing with the members of the Horde. I always loved dancing with the Tauren folk!


  1. Poor thing....
    Hey on the bright side you can be a new leader in a new world teaching and mentoring the unwashed masses XD. Sorry ya there are things I miss too but Ive found good people to hang with and here is to looking at new horizons lol :).

  2. I totally miss Dalaran/Shattrath, you know the other problem with those places being empty now? Harder to get the festival achievements. "Go plant flower on a female Dwarf Warrior's head." Nngh ._. bad enough before!

  3. Wow, dead on, I agree with everything there.

    But there is no reason to miss Dalaran any more. The port is back up. So you can make that home and then step through to Org or SW if you want. I've done that on a few of my characters.

  4. @Mhorgrim - If only I still had the get up and go to lead anything haha. That role is so incredibly draining, and I just didn't realize how draining until I stepped away from it. It's just been difficult re-acclimating to new environments. Glad to hear that you've found good people where you are : D

    @Jaedia - Yes, I'm certainly glad that I've gotten my festival/holiday achievements done for both my shaman and druid. Those buggers were hard enough when both factions were in close quarters! Having to rely on infiltrating a city or finding them in PvP? No thank you.

    @Grumpy - I could do that, but unfortunately Dalaran still lags fairly hard for me (old machinery is pro). Not to mention it's yet another loading screen to sit through and is semi lonesome. I just miss Dalaran in it's heyday when you could dance with your Horde buddies, all of the city and PvP portals were in one place, and generally you could find most of your guildies mulling about in the same city. Now that place is just a ghost town of lag, magical mage towers, and sewer rats : / Like Silvermoon, it's sad that such a beautiful place is so rarely used.