Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Through Your Interface - Day 4, Greatest Accomplishment

Today's Through Your Interface. Enter witty intro here!

Proud of a boss kill? Excited about taming that rare? Over the moon about getting a title? Show us your greatest in game accomplishment!

Why did I get the fishing pole instead of the trinket? QQ...

Once upon a time I may have considered my guild, Battle of Serenity, to be one of my greatest accomplishments (the fact that she lasted a little over a year with me at the helm baffles me to this day). I could choose a multitude of different raid focused achievements, various long awaited hunter pet tames, or I could highlight one of my various grinds. While there are many, many events and evenings that stick out on my mind when I reminisce over my many years in Azeroth, none are quite as potent as the day I managed to win that fishing derby down in Booty Bay.

Aggramar is a very old server; she is not only cranky, but she is highly populated. For several weeks I was tearing myself from sleep (for my sleeping schedule is odd) in order to catch both the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza and the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby only to be disappointed by the good luck and quick win of someone else. I'd steal the at the time boyfriend's computer, log on to Saz with all addons off (who had been positioned prior to falling asleep, just in case I was a touch late), and wait for the stress to begin. The day I snagged the achievement above was no different. The last 10 fish or so I had the shake syndrome thanks to our good ol' pal adrenaline something fierce. When I got my fish and hearthed back to the bay of the booty, I was surprised to see no one at the robot yet. Hastily I chose an item (whyyyy didn't I choose Hook of the Master Angler, whyyy?!) and the achievement popped. I don't think I've quite ever been excited as I was that Easter morning. Thank goodness for real world holidays bringing the server's population down a touch for a few hours.

The next day I managed to fish up a Dark Herring for the One That Didn't Get Away achievement I had the title that I had lusted over for a good year or two.

So there you have it, the hidden tales of Salty Saz. What a sea dog.


  1. That is quite an accomplishment! I still haven't even managed "One That Didn't Get Away", Salty always seemed to me to be one of the hardest titles to get, so much RNG to overcome. Well done, Salty Saz!

  2. Why thank ya! I honestly never imagined that I'd actually be able to acquire that title thanks to the fishing tournament's RNG. Sometimes pixel dreams do come true!

    If you're after "One That Didn't Get Away" I recommend trying for the Dark Herring. He's relatively easy to travel to (mine personally came from the lake in the northwest of Howling Fjord) and I've heard of quite a few successful nettings of him. It still took me several hours of fishing but up he eventually came. I had tried Azshara first for many hours since there was apparently at least 2-3 different ones you could get there, but I guess their drop rate is even lower than Mr. Dark Herring's.

    If you end up going after that elusive fish, good luck!

  3. Congratulations! Waaaayyyy back in vanilla I frantically fought for this every Sunday, but I could never pull it off; I haven't seriously tried for it since BC because I was so burned out on it. So every time I see the "Salty" title I am simultaneously pleased and burningly jealous. XD

  4. Thanks Aro! You should try and take a random stab at it one of these days. You never know, perhaps lady luck will be on your side ; )

  5. Saz I wish I had thought to ss my win that is a truly great shot about achievement! I LOVE fishing! thanks for all the positive comments btw too!

    I agree with Dark Herring, I used that to get my achievement also.

  6. Even us "non-fishing" folk can appreciate the effort to get this achievement. I have a guildmate who is still trying her best to get this over on Runetotem.

  7. @Sparrow - Honestly my screen shot taking is boarder line on being a sickness. I keybound the screen capture function and I automatically hit that button for pretty much every achievement ever, big and small. I have probably over 20k shots to prove it *facepalms* You are more than welcome for the comments dear : )

    @Arcane - I certainly hope your guildmate gets a lucky break soon!