Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hoarders: Azeroth Edition - Midsummer Sizzle

Welcome to another Thursday Hoarders! I certainly hope you've all been having a lovely week, one that is hopefully quite a bit warmer than the one we're having up here in my neck of the woods.

That video doesn't really have anything directly to do with the Midsummer Fire Festival or Hoarders: Azeroth Edition, but I figured eh, fire festival = songs kinda sorta almost about fire. Alright, maybe I was too lazy to take/find a proper screen shot. *Sigh* Anyways, what all can you hoard during this holiday? Well, let us pull up our sleeves and dig into the ever famous list!

Lord Ahune
There are quite a few things that can be gathered from this bugger. Seriously though, how many capes does one ice lord need?

Cloak of the Frigid Winds
The Frost Lord's Battle Shroud
Icebound Cloak
Shroud of Winter's Chill
The Frost Lord's War Cloak

Formula: Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost

Shards of Ahune - This item will begin a quest, so check your bags! The quest will reward Tabard of Summer Skies or Tabard of Summer Flames. Sorry returning folks, you will not be able to get the tabard that you're missing (I'm sad too...)

Lord of Frost's Private Label - So THIS is what Ahune does all year long. He sits around getting shlogged up, all wrapped up in his many cloaks like a frosty hobo. As the tag states though, it is the coolest drink around, so props to him for having good taste.

Huge Snowball - These are some BIG balls, man. Toss 'em around and see for yourself.

Lord Ahune will also give you a satchel once a day. This satchel *may* contain the following:

Frostscythe of Lord Ahune - Uhhh, where's our intellect batman? While this thing looks neat, from what I've been hearing it does the DPS of a broken wiffle bat. Unless you're sporting a 312 green like my shadow priest is, I recommend keeping this only as a fun RP item. Or to just look like a total badass with scythe.

Ice Chip - This item teaches you the Frigid Frostling pet, and this little dude looks much like the Pebble pet you can get through the Rock Lover achievement (Therazane dailies, Deepholme). So if you're like me and have rotten luck with getting the Ice Chip, at least you still have your happy pal Pebble. Wonder where BamBam is...oh right, that's my Earth Elemental on my shaman. *Tucks him back into my pocket*

Burning Blossoms - I keep getting empty sacks from Lord Ahune personally, except for these darn blossoms. These are currency for items that I'll be getting to in a moment, and can be gotten a number of ways. I suggest actually clicking on the "Burning Blossoms" link i just gave there to see where Wowhead lists the drop areas for these buggers.

Burning Blossoms
As I just said, these are currency. Below is a list of the things you can buy with them!

Brazier of Dancing Flame - Turn you and everyone else who /dances with this brazier into a sexy, fiery Draenei lady!

Captured Flame - A little pet. Kind of a weird one at that.

Juggling Torch - Not only is it ridiculous juggle flaming torches, but it's actually required to do so in order to get your hands on more blossoms.

Mantle of the Fire Festival
Sandals of Summer
Vestment of Summer

Handful of Summer Petals - For those of you who just have to toss things at people allll the time. Okay, I like making people pretty too sometimes...

Bag of Smorc Ingredients
Toasted Smorc - Wouldn't be summer without some smorcs! (Some orcs? Whaaaaat?)
Elderberry Pie
Fire-Toasted Bun - Now I just want Subway...
Fiery Festival Brew - Take a sip of this to heat you up, then a swig of Lord of Frost's Private Label to cool you down!

Crown of the Fire Festival - Reward from A Thief's Reward/A Thief's Reward. I love this crown personally, it makes me feel like the fiery princess I never was!

Last but definitely not least we have the meta achievement itself, The Flame Warden. Complete the achievements listed there and you will be known as "Flame Warden Whateverthehellyournameis."

I think that's all for Hoarders this week folks. As always if I missed anything please let me know. I hope that the RNG gods smile upon you in your quests to steal one of Ahune's many cloaks, and may you not singe the sleeves of your favorite robes while attempting to steal fire from the opposing faction. Happy hoarding!


  1. Oh, I just put my Crown of the Fire Festival in the bank. I never thought to actually try it on, duh. First thing I'm doing when I login!

  2. Silly, how could you not try a new helm on! : P

  3. Verdie inderesting video, indeed. Oops, got lost for a moment!

    Khrox couldn't help trying on his Crown, after all, it cost him:
    8- naked corpse runs
    2- spirit rezs
    32.5g in repairs (since spirit rez affects inventory a well)

    But, he wore it with pride, albeit naked.

    Interestng edition as always Saz :)

  4. Silly Sol! Sounds like you worked awfully hard for that crown of yours. It may be safe to put on clothes now, along with that crown ; )

  5. Ooh nice vid Saz, rather sexy I must say!

  6. It's rather nice, isn't it? I haven't seen a whole lot of SacredPlea's work, but so far of what I've seen of her is pretty decent. Definitely a Youtube channel to watch!