Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IntPiPoMo #10 - Of Instances and So-Called Bosses

Here it is, the last installment for Angelya's IntPiPoMo screenshot challenge. It has been a wonderful project that has pushed me to share a lot of images that would have just ended up in the photo gallery at some point, which I know doesn't get looked at all that often. So thank you for putting this out there Angelya! Happy soon to be December to you all.

I must admit that the second to last image is not my own. It was taken by Pathanther after a wipe, though I did do some minor contrast editing to it. I thought it was too stunning not to share! If the inclusion of his image makes me short for this event, just include one of my Fortunate Fridays posts. /casts cheat! 


  1. Saz,

    Great #IntPiPoMo pictures and glad that you were able to post 50 wonderful selections. The last two here are amazing. The Alliance airship looks like it had gotten lost in Storm Peaks with the sky. Pass on the grats to Pathanther. The last screenshot I am betting is everyone's favorite image in the game at the moment. Seriously impressive that Deathwing ends up impaled on Wyrmrest Temple.

    Really looking forward to getting Draccus geared up and going through these events soon.

  2. Truely wonderful shots as always! I've enjoyed each and every one of your IntPiPoMo posts, along with so many others.

  3. @Draccus - Isn't that air ship shot something? While I'm bummed that he wiped on it, at the same time I'm pretty happy that he snagged that shot and shared it with me. Feel free to say grats to him yourself, he lurks around here often enough : P

    About the last shot, I wouldn't doubt it. It's so bleak and heartbreaking, despite the obvious "victory" over Deathwing. Despite his death, it appears that he has very much broken the world. It appears that while Kelebek survived the onslaught, she didn't come away completely unscathed.

    I hope you get through at least the LFR soon. While LFR is super easy (in my opinion anyways), it still has a lot of fun elements. That is so long as you can tune out the ragers : P I had fun in them at least, and I definitely look forward to seeing the official 10 or 25 modes sometime in the near future.

    @Sol - Thank you kindly sir!

  4. Thanks for joining in Saz :) I've really enjoyed all your IntPiPoMo posts!

  5. Thanks for hosting it, Angelya! It was a blast : )