Friday, December 2, 2011

Fortune Friday

They're quirky, they're fun, they're random Azerothian fortunes! Every Friday you will see a different fortune (either from our beloved Darkmoon Faire or the new fortune cards) featured here at World of Saz. Enjoy!

Fortune Card: Your talents will be recognized and rewarded. Provided your talent spec is good.

I got this. I'm enhanced, baby.


  1. Is your Shaman a raver? I can almost hear Tiesto in the background and feel the music drowning out the noise of the waterfalls of Darkshore.
    *secret Candy Kids Unite!

  2. She might be a closet raver, I mean she does carry around giant glow sticks in her pockets (aka totems). I was almost thinking she was more of an electric steampunk clashing of wtfness, but raver seems to work a bit better, possibly.

    Whatever it is, her lights are so bright that she needs to wear sunglasses at night ; )