Monday, November 7, 2011

20 Days of...My Favourite Outfit (Day 18)

I really must tie up some loose ends already. I have not one but two unfinished challenges, and I have just taken on another one. Am I lazy? Horribly. Am I insane? Just a tad bit. This week I'm making myself get motivated, and I shall begin with Saga's 20 Days of challenge. After this little challenge is finished I shall finish my own screen shot challenge, work on my NaNoWriMo thing (I've only hand written a's only the 7th, I still have time right?), and tackle Angelya's IntPiPoMo screen shot challenge, which honestly I'm looking forward to since I can see Azeroth in a whole new way as of late.

Right, I'm prattling again. I should be showing you all what my favorite outfit is in game instead of yammering on about things I should have done months ago. Anyways, while this outfit may not be my all time favorite, it's definitely up there since I just finished putting it together. Behold, Kelebek's transmogrification outfit!

This set only took a few quick hours of questing to complete. The areas I had to quest in were Eastern Plaguelands, Badlands, and Searing Gorge, so if any of you younger type druids or rogues (soon to be monks as well) would like to grab this gear on your way up, it can be easily done. Though please note that you will have to be at least level 80 and be able to raid Ulduar 25 man in order to get the staff.

The idea for this set came from a site that didn't make it onto my original transmog Hoarders post, but is a great one regardless: WoW: Fasion

To see the original post please go here. If not, I'll list everything I'm wearing anyways since I didn't use all of the exact parts suggested in that link.

Helm: Rohan's Mask (not shown)
Shoulders: Decomissioner's Monnions
Chest: Plaguebat Vest
Belt: Dancer's Belt
Pants: Essential Pantaloons
Wrist: Plaguehound Armbands
Gloves: Holdout Gloves
Boots: Treads of Banshee Bells
Staff: Twisted Visage
Shirt: WiP

There are two things that is keeping this outfit from being perfect for my druid: the belt and the shirt. The belt looks great with the more red version of this set, but just doesn't quite do it for me with the green version. Perhaps there's one later on in EPL that I just didn't get to yet, so I may look into that later this week. If there isn't, I guess I just have to keep my eyes peeled.**

The shirt. The shirt is the tricky part. Sure I could go without one, but any sensible druid knows not to leave your belly unprotected in the wilds. When I was playing around in WoW Model Viewer I decided on using the Brawler's Harness since it fit with the overall look of the outfit and covered Kelebek's stomach under her tunic. Lo and behold, the Brawler's Harness is no longer very easy to come by. So unless I have a horde friend somewhere that managed to hang onto this shirt, I'm seriously SoL. If anyone has a suggestion for a look-a-like, I'm all ears.

But what about your shaman? What about Saz?!

Fear not, loyal reader. I have a set more or less in mind for my shaman as well, I'm just using pieces I've acquired for her long ago so I'm not quite as pumped as I am with the druid. For Saz I'll more than likely be using the Skyshatter Harness (it is after all my all time favorite tier set for shaman!) coupled with various fist weapons or axes, depending on what tickles my fancy for the week. I'm sure I'll post screenshots once the transmog feature has gone live ; )

** As I was working on links I found Belt of Feigned Joy. I'll be testing out this belt soon to see how it fits, but from the screenshot on Wowhead, it looks promising!


  1. If you've got an account on the NaNoWriMo site, you should add me. I'm using the same handle on that site as I do on my blog. It's good to know some people trying the same stunts you are. It makes for more motivation.

  2. I just made one a bit ago, but I'm a complete noob at trying to use this site. Tried to track you down, but I think I failed a bit. Serenity Saz (yup, there's a space this time) is my profile, icon is the same as usual.