Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IntPiPoMo #9 - Jungle Fever

Oh boy, I'm cutting it a little bit close on Angelya's IntPiPoMo screenshot challenge! That's okay though, I'm in the home stretch and should be able to make the deadline. Here are images 40 through 45.


  1. I must say that even though I have yet to roll a Shaman character, waiting for possible Pandarian totem-thrower, I think my favorite pictures is of the Ghost Wolf form in Stranglethorn Vale Jungle. The way the sun shafts pierce through the think trees and barely light the back of mane is great.

    All you for postings have been great. Looking forward to the last five shots to round out #IntPiPoMo

  2. The fourth picture is just heavenly! And you know I never get tired of fire kitty pictures :)

  3. @Draccus - You really should try a shaman at some point, if not for the play style then for ghost wolf alone. Back in the day (think BC era, when you still had to cast to get ghost wold) I loved that form so much that I'm pretty sure that alone was what initially sold me on shaman. The fact that we can now make ourselves a bit whiter via a minor glyph is just icing. Oh, and the play style is fun too ; )

    @Akabeko - I was rather surprised to see the sun shafts pop out that much when I was in STV, so I had to take a shot! I was really only trying to show off my new little cub friend there (pictured sleeping, what a punk), but can see I got a bit more!

    Would you like more fire kitty pictures? I'm sure I have a billion more -_- I'm like a mother who obsessively takes a snapshot of everything her child does. I have albums maaaan, albums!