Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Rack: Tier 11 - Rogue/Hunter

This is part 5 of 5 for this week's The Rack: Tier 11 Edition. After the break you will find links to the stats page on for each spec of the Rogue and Hunter tier sets. Also included below the break are images of both regular (on the left) and heroic (on the right) models for each tier set. Enjoy!

Rogue - Wind Dancer's
Mutilation/Subtlety/Assassination - Regular (359)
Mutilation/Subtlety/Assassination - Heroic (372)


WoW Model Viewer is slightly broken for Rogues at the moment. See the link "Regular" above for a proper idea of what the Rogue Tier 11 set truly looks like.

Hunter - Lightning-Charged
Survival/Marksman/Beast Mastery - Regular (359)
Survival/Marksman/Beast Mastery - Heroic (372)

Blood Elf





 Night Elf






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