Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't Phunk With Me

I am in a funk. A funky, funkalicious funk. You know, one of those oddly unmotivated but motivated funks where you want to get things done, but everything's jammed up like a reverse writer's block. I'm also coming down with a cold, so the loopiness isn't helping any.

I've been mondo busy since I've managed to get back online just a few short days ago with attempting to get caught up on all of my blog reading/facebook junk/video watching and trying to make all of the material that I've been working on for the past two months blog worthy. So far I've been fairly successful, but unfortunately HTML and I have once again began to butt heads. HTML: 9002, Saz: 3


Since I'm babbling, I may as well point out some of the changes here at WoS.

- First off, for those of you who mainly read me from an RSS Feeder, you should stop on by the actual WoS page and give a gander at the new layout. Yes, another one. I think I may actually keep this one for a good bit though.

- Secondly, I have added a new tab up at the top of the main page called the Guide Book. The text may show up incredibly light for you RSSers out there, and that issue is where the HTML boss critted my butt. Anyways, the Guide Book is basically a large list of raiding resources including most of the amazing class oriented blogs I've come across, a few different forums, and various other sites out there that I found to have useful information in them. As you can see though, I still have many gaps. If you have a blog/run a forum/put out class oriented pod casts or know of ones that are particularly solid in the information sphere of PvE (or even PvP, I wouldn't turn down those links either), please by all means drop me a comment, I'd definitely appreciate the help on filling the list out. I know that I'll be using that list often to double check facts, and hopefully it can be of some use to my readers as well.

- Next up we have this week's edition of The Rack. Part 1 of 5 was put out earlier today, and the next few parts will be released more or less over the next week. I've been getting a lot of hits on tier lately, so I've decided to do a rather large master image list of Tier 11. Not really the most entertaining edition that could be released, but no worries, there should be some better articles coming up in the next few weeks.

- I'm excited to be able to do Hoarders again. Really, I am. I'm very excited to be working on this month's (yes, month's) super edition. I'm just praying to the HTML gods to not mess with me and the text colors that I use. Copy/pasting from WordPad is horrid. 'Nuff said.

- A new useless poll is up on the right hand of WoS. For those who like to push buttons, go nuts!


In other news, I'm pining for WoW something fierce. I still have yet to purchase the expansion, and I don't have the cash to get my account back up quite yet. The frustrations, the withdrawals! Ahhh, curse you vile luck!! At least I can ramble on about WoW-related things, watch WoW related Youtube goodness, and read killer WoW blogs now. Huge step in the right direction...I think. I mean, it's just been far too quiet in my world without WoW parodies.

If I could wag my shaman tail, I would.

I suppose I could stop rambling now and go work on this week's Hoarders.
*Puts on her lucha libre mask*
Alright HTML boss, I'm coming after you.

Edit: Huzzah! The achievement of the night is...*drum roll*...Wowhead links now pop up information whenever you hover over them! Easiest thing in the world, and I failed at it hard when I attempted this by myself. Thank goodness for the Blog Azeroth forums.

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