Sunday, January 15, 2012

Operation Overkill

I am, if you haven't figured this out by now, someone who likes her projects. Often these projects are me biting off far more than I can chew, and naturally this leads to many things being left unfinished, or left to be finished at a much later date than planned.

Currently I have two major projects left unfinished on my shaman: Loremaster and Insane in the Membrane. Unfortunately I'm stuck on Loremaster until I raise my goblin rep for the Insane, at least to the point where the goblins decide that I'm no long a 'kill on sight' target. While I hope to achieve both of these titles prior to Mists of Pandaria, I am once again dragging my heels and looking for ways to procrastinate. Which brings me to my next big distracting project: Operation - Pimp My Alt.

O-PMA is more or less what it sounds like. I currently have 7 85s and I'd like to raise that number to 10 before MoP releases. Not only do I want to raise that number, but I'd like to get all of my alts into 378 or better gear in at least their main specs, if not their alt specs as well. Why would I do this? Simply put, some aspects of me lean towards being a completionist and I absolutely hate that I have all of these incomplete alts.

I know that this plan seems pretty far fetched, especially when you factor in the fact that I still will be writing from time to time on both blogs, hope to remain at least semi active in certain forums (which I've been failing at lately), raid full time on at least my shaman, keep my druid up to par, and achieve both of the time consuming titles mentioned previously.

So how far do I have to go? Well, let's just say I have a LOT of work ahead of me, but let me lay out where I stand right now. Here's a fairly complete list of all the projects that I've put onto my plate, at least in game.


Saz - Raiding full time (2-3 days a week). Loremaster: Eastern Kingdoms/Outland Complete, a few zones in Kalimdor left to complete (mostly the areas involving goblins), most zones in Northrend 2/3 complete, Vashjir left to complete in Cataclysm. Insane: Goblin reps (most still hated after Bloodsail Admiral was obtained), Darkmoon Faire (revered), Ravenholt (honored).

Kelebek - 378 gearing complete, though I have been running LFR for filler pieces and heroics to cap her Valor Points.

Warlock - 378 gearing nearly complete. Just need helm, neck, shoulders, and a trinket. Number output needs tweaking.

Priest - 378 shadow gearing nearly complete. Just need shoulders, cloak, a trinket, and a ring. Disco is a bit up in the air. Dps number output needs some tweaking.

Hunter - 378 gearing complete. Still running some heroics and/or LFR so that she may buy Kelebek boots. Dps number output needs some tweaking.

Death Knight - 378 gearing is far from complete. Dps numbers are okay despite gear. Currently sporting a mix of dps and tank gear. Would like both sets for instances (dps) and soloing (tank).

Paladin - 378 gearing has hardly begun. Currently a mix of greens, blues, and easy to gain epics for her ret spec. Holy set is mostly questing items (greens) and a few 333s. Needs Magister's Terrace for her Orb of Sin'dorei (tradition for me). Must research proper use of CDs, but numbers are okay

Rogue - Level 70. Must level cap and gear while continuing to pick pocket so that my shaman may get her Insane title.

Warrior - Level 45. Must level cap and at least gear for arms or fury.

Mage - Level 40. Must level cap and gear up for at least arcane since I have no plans to ever raid her.


The plan for O-PMA is to go down my list of alts and dedicate a week (drop luck permitting of course) to their gearing and to the research/practice of my skills with their particular spec/class (more than likely dps only). I ultimately hope cut down on my impulsive "need" to run half a billion heroics while still trying to squeeze in LFRs, actual raiding, and real life shenanigans like eating and sleeping. If I finish an alt early in the week, the rest of my play time will be dedicated towards the various reputation grinds that my shaman still needs. With some luck I hope that this project will not only be successful, but a fun way to get to know the various classes in my arsenal.

I know that it sounds like I'll be playing 24/7, but rest assured that I will be trying to make sure that it isn't quite as hectic as it sounds and that I will be taking plenty of time away from the game to read my books and watch various TV shows on Netflix. I'll be doing my best to not burn myself out on the game, since I would like to continue to play it for a long time yet.

Outside of O-PMA and my various blogging projects, I plan on beginning a few soloing adventures on Saz, mainly Wrath of the Lich King content if possible. I'm not quite sure how far I'll get with this venture, but it should be interesting to see what I can down now as enhancement. If things go well, I hope to write up a few quick guides on soloing Wrath bosses, and maaaaybe videos of me completing such antics if I can find a damn editing program that will work for me. On top of that, I hope to write more enhancement based guides in general, though that's a bit of a different topic!


So what do you thing, am I absolutely insane? Do you have any crazy goals like this that you're hoping to pull off before the next expansion is upon us?


  1. Rumors (highlight: "rumors"), say Mists possibly out mid-summer. Maybe a 6-month time frame for 'O-PMA'?

    It's good to have goals spelled out, so completely opoposite my own random-ness ways. :)

    Personally, I think you'll succeed. So here's hoping you have tons of fun along the way!

  2. I think your "rumors" have a pretty good chance at being correct. Unless we get some filler content prior to MoP, that time frame sounds pretty spot on.

    Thank you for the vote of confidence Sol, much appreciated : )