Sunday, January 8, 2012

Respect (Fanfic Doodles)

The dark skinned Draenei woman grabbed her young male companion by one of his facial tendrils, pulling him into a side ally way and threw him against a wall.

"That is NOT how a proper person acts, in public or in private."

"Who do you think you are? My father paid good coin to have me tutored by you, and yet you sit here lecturing me how to treat some low life on the street." The younger Draenei rubbed his bruising, pale tendril as he glared furiously at his female instructor.

"Your insolence to every being you come across is appalling, Valann." She squared her shoulders and looked her pupil in the eye. "You want to know why your father chose me? Then I shall tell you, for you apparently have neglected your history books."

With a dark hand she motioned for her student to follow her as they made their ways through the crowed market streets of Stormwind.

"I am a veteran warrior, hardened by years of fighting on fields and in citadels. With axes in hand and the elements at my call, with spirits to guide me and fellow fighters by my side, I have waged war against those who would cause harm to the helpless. Along side the Horde and Alliance alike I have battled the Old Gods, nightmares, the walking dead, and demons; I've seen patchwork monstrosities, fought creations made by the Titans, and laid to rest the restless souls of a thousand liches and banshees. I have seen horrors that not even your wildest nightmares can come up with, young one. I have heard the maddening whispers of the Old Gods. I have been driven mad, only to somehow find my way back again."

The youth rolled his eyes. His instructor pretended to not notice the slight.

"Truth be told Valann, most of the scars that you see upon my flesh are older than your father. The elements have been heading my call for far longer than you have been a twinkle in your devoted father's eye. While this fact may have never crossed your mind, I actually happen to know a thing or two about how things in this world - as well as a few other worlds - work."

"Yeah, I get it. You're some hot-shot shaman warrior."

With a quick flick of the wrist the shaman snatched the young Draenei's ear. "You apparently don't get it. Time and time again you show no respect towards those around you." She released him with a jerk. "In all my years as an ambassador, dealing with the bickering between the different races of Azeroth, I have hardly seen the sort of disrespect that you continue to show me and your fellow beings time and time again. At least if the Horde showed disrespect towards a member or group of the Alliance, they had a damn good reason behind it."

The pair had made it down to the Stormwind harbor. In silence they descended the ramps that lead down to the docks. With a straight back and an air of having been offended, the dark skinned Draenei led her charge to the end of the dock where a ship would arrive to take them to Northrend. Together they stood quietly while time passed them by.

"Father never said anything about you being an ambassador to the Horde."

"It isn't your father's job to tell or teach you everything. Open up your eyes and ears boy, and opening a book now and again wouldn't hurt you either."

Several long minutes passed the pair by.

"Tell me the Lady Sylvanas...attractive?"

His instructor gave him a look that would have caused a earthen elemental to spontaneously burst into flames. "You are a vile, crass creature, Valann of the Exodar. It really is a wonder that the Naaru, for as forgiving with our people as they may be, have yet to smite you down." Despite wanting to remain stern with the youth and having a deep desire to further reprimand him, she smiled and gave a little laugh. "You really are a damnable beast. Perhaps we shouldn't even bother with this little journey, I doubt you'd bother to listen to half of what I say while we're there anyways." She made a gesture of defeat and turned to walk back towards the city. "I know a lost battle when I see one."

Valann's instructor made it about half way down the dock before he chased her down. "Wait! Forgive me, I was out of line."

The shaman turned to her pupil, eyeing him suspiciously. "Changed your mind about proper behavior, have you?"

"I'd like to go to Northrend with you," mumbled the youth.

"Hmm? What was that? I guess these old ears just are not as sharp as they used to be."

"I'd still like to go to Northrend with you, if that's okay." The young Draenei hung his head as he said this, cautiously looking up at his chaperone as he spoke.

A bell tolled off in the distance; their ship had arrived.

The instructor turned her dark face turned towards the ship, deep thought and consideration wrinkled her forehead. She turned her gaze back to her charge.

"Very well."

Together they walked the distance back to where the great ship was docked. The vessel was a massive, wooden beast with a gigantic water wheel attached to its stern. The central mast was huge, rope ladders created spider-like patterns on the deck, and the whole dock seemed to come alive as the deckhands moved goods to and from the port in preparation of the next voyage.

"Names and titles, if you please." stated a uniformed crew member.

"This is Valann of the Exodar, son of Diplomat Kalind the Exalted. I am Saz, diplomat of the Alliance and ambassador to the Horde. I am an explorer of Azeroth, a Professor and Loremaster in training. I am an Avenger of Hyjal; I am of the Nightfall. I am the Undying, the Patient, Champion of the Frozen Wastes as well as an Argent Champion. I am a Guardian of Cenarius, a matron, a merrymaker, a Kingslayer. I fancy myself to be a brewmaster as well as a chef. I am Saz the Noble, the Hallowed, Flame Warden, and the Exalted. Bloodsail Admiral, Crusader, the Destroyer's End. Some call me "Salty" while others long to call me "the Insane." I am an Elder and I wish to take my charge aboard this ship and sail to the frigid wastes of Northrend to teach him how the ways of frozen path of arrogance will end for him."

The look upon the official's face was one of awe; Valann's white face greyed and then turned a shameful shade of red.

"Welcome aboard Ambassador. I wish you a happy journey north."

Together the pair boarded their ship and without a word they waited in the galley for their boat to leave port and for dinner to be served; one sat in a quiet reverie while the other remained in silent understanding.

Saz allowed herself a little smirk as she watched her pupil quietly stare off into the abyss. In a way she almost felt bad for the youth. For as hard as an exterior he put on, she could easily see nervous jitters boiling within his blood. For once he wasn't off harassing someone, catching some poor soul unaware with his brash and cruel behaviors. She decided that perhaps he wasn't untrainable after all. Still, the tales and trials of Northrend would more than likely be enough to see if this boy had the soul and backbone capable of handling such things as government or battle.

The sun's light was hardly visible through the tiny port windows by the time Valann finally plucked up the courage to speak.

" Ysera as attractive in her human form as they say she is?"

The look that flashed across the shaman's face would have caused a fire elemental to wish it were stone.

Spirits, give me strength.


  1. Good to see you writing again Saz. I think it's going to be interesting to see where this one is headed. :)

  2. Thanks Sol, it feels good to do a bit of it again, even if this isn't the usual type of writing that I put on this blog. Thanks for stopping by and giving it a gander ^_^

  3. Oh wait, let me go get coffee. More stories!

    If anyone can straighten that boy out it's Saz. Can't wait to see how it goes in Northrend.

  4. I should bring doughnuts to the next story telling to go with everyone's coffee, I think. Sadly I think I need to get a mage port to Dalaran, I can't think of any Stormwind shops that carry doughnuts...come to think of it Stormwind doesn't have any coffee shops either! Though I suppose I could just hop another port to Shattrath for that.

    Valann can't get into too much trouble in Northrend without coffee shops at least, right?

  5. I like it! Thank the Earthmother that Saz is also "the Patient". Although I wouldn't mind seeing her lay the smackdown on her turd of a pupil either...

  6. I think her patience will indeed wear incredibly thin with this one. Then again maybe he'll surprise her by mellowing out. Who knows, he's the Draenei equivalent of a teenage male, anything could happen!