Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Through Your Interface - Day 7, Screen Shot of the Year

I'm buckling down and attempting to get another day of this Through Your Interface challenge done. Here goes nothing!

Show us the best screen shot you believe that you have ever taken and why you think it is the best (content, meaning, how you framed it, etc).

Alright, confession time. The image above certainly isn't the best image of the year for me. Heck, it's probably not even my all time favorite, but ladies and gents, I am stumped. I managed to draw a blank on a topic I myself came up with. This may be in part because I'm actually playing the game at this moment instead of obsessing over my overly huge pile of screen shots, or maybe it's partially because my currently file system is an absolute mess, or maybe I simply have to many favorites to be able to chose just one. Any way you look at it though, I fell short on this entry. I caved and went the easy route; I just chose something that was pretty and on hand. Will you ever forgive me?


  1. I'm still stumped on this one too, but there's nothing wrong with pretty!

  2. If you hadn't said the confession Saz I would never have known and thought what a pretty shot!