Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Updates

It's that day. That one day of the week that marks the ending of the work week for some and the beginning of the work weekend for others. That's right, it's Friday. Here be the updates of the week for this blog and of course for myself (because I know you're super interested!).

WoS Updates
Nothing really mind blowing to report. This blog is in need of a few updates (all of the tabs could use some TLC), a new poll needs to be put up, and I should probably clean up a few other minor things. None of this has been taken care of yet, but hopefully should be done in the next week or two. Assuming I find time and whatnot.

In-Game Updates
- I'm now up to four level 85s.
- My DK is in the works. Leveling her as blood, which is by the way more fun than should be allowed. Still a bit surprised that she's getting leveled at all, but hey, there ya go.
- I've managed to tame two new rares, much to the thanks of some friends. Aotona (renamed Saylind) and King Krush (renamed Drama) are now my new pals. Now all that's left for that one is to level the her to 85 for the Cataclysm and possibly eventually the Firelands rares as well.

RL Updates
Grandma is doing excellent. She's 300x better than she was a few days ago. Turns out one of her medications was mixing badly with her pain killers which was causing her to go a bit woofy, so they switched her pain meds and now she's back to her old feisty self. She's now back in town at a nursing home for physical therapy and is expected to return home in the next 18 days or so. It's pretty crazy how a painful but non-life threatening issue with a pancreas and a mix up of meds can result in thoughts for the worst.

Grandpa is pretty awesome to hang around. Thankfully he's not too picky of an eater and seems to be able to stomach my so-called cooking alright. Other family members (my aunt and uncles) have been in and out all week to help out and take my grandfather on the journey to Green Bay. Turns out a few of my family members were working 12 hour shifts, which is a completely valid excuse for not being around as much. Others are still a bit MIA though, which is irksome.

Other than a few minor issues here and there, things are much better. I'm eager to get home again, but I'm trying to at least enjoy my stay here. Otherwise, nothing much else to report. Life is life, and it keeps on keepin' on.

Have an excellent weekend all!


  1. I am so glad to her that your Grandmother is doing better. Yeah, meds can do that. I once suddenly started staggering into walls and generally doing a great imitation of a drunk and it turned out to be the antibiotics I was on.

    Loved the Bloody Rare post, reminded me that I wanted to try to get to work on that, I have a looong way to go!

  2. Eesh, scary stuff! Crazy chemicals >.<

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you manage to catch a spawn batch it shouldn't take too long to knock out. I'm still baffled that I managed to snag seven kills in under two hours, but then again I didn't expect to fly face first into TLPD that one night either. Sometimes you get that stroke of luck that just speeds things up ; )