Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hoarders: Azeroth Edition - Skulls in My Closet

Hey hoarders, welcome to another installment of Hoarders: Azeroth Edition. This week Hoarders is going to take a turn for the weird. I know that there's some strange folk out there and this particular installment is aimed just at them (or you, if you're one of those strange folk who happens to read this blog). What exactly will we be talking about? Well, we'll be covering skulls.

Yes, skulls.

Now skulls are collectible for many different personality types. Perhaps you're really into Archaeology, or maybe you specialize in bone recognition to help solve the crimes of the world like the tv show, or maybe you are just a freak that likes to collect skulls who makes chairs out of them. Regardless of why you like them, here is a list as to which skull-type items are collectible in World of Warcraft.

Ghostly Skull - This is a pet. It's a skull, that's ghostly. You can purchase this pet in Dalaran.

Trash Items
Adventurer's Skull - Apparently this one didn't make it home.
Ancient Hero's Skull - Once upon a time this was a hero. Now he is naught but bone and dust like that which came before him.
Brittle Skull - It's integrity has been compromised.
Broken Skull - What was once whole, is now broken. It's contents seemed to have oozed out.
Corroded Skull - Mmm, corrosion.
Dissolved Skull - Don't put your head in acid, mmk?
Humanoid Skull - It belonged to something that was nearly human.
Lifeless Skull - Needs some flowers.
Masticated Skull - Om nom nom.
Old Skull - Well it certainly isn't new. Smells kind of musty.
Old Teamster's Skull - "Looks like someone didn't like this guy."
Polished Skull - Someone really liked this skull. Or maybe it was sitting in the ocean.
Pristine Raptor Skull - This raptor skull, it is pristine!
Ruined Bear Skull - This bear, he was not popular.
Small Bat Skull - Sorry, we're out of the large variety. Better luck next time.
Trophy Raptor Skull - This raptor skull, it's valuable!
Unmarred Snake Skull - A snake skull that is unmarred. Unmarred snake skull is unmarred.
Velociraptor Skull - The velociraptor goes soi soi soi?

Whimsical Skull Mask - Something to put on your face during the Day of the Dead event.

Offhand Items
Mordresh's Lifeless Skull - He may be lifeless, but his skull still resonates with a little bit of power!
Skull of Burning Shadows - Ow.
Demon-Skull Orb - Wurrwurrwurr.
Laughing Skull Orb - This skull, it laughs at you! Not really, but it looks like it! I mean, check out that grin!
Skull of Impending Doom - Let's all sing the Doom Song now! Doom doom doom da doom doom doom...(Sadly this item is no longer available.)
Skullspell Orb - Mmm, skullspell? What? (To prevent further confusion, this item has been removed from the game.)

Main Hand Weapons
Skullbreaker - I heard you liked skulls, so I put a skull on a stick so you can break a skull while you're breaking in skulls. (No longer available in game.)
Skullcrusher Mace - Uh, that weapon looks painful. I mean, whoever that skull belonged to had SPIKES for eyes man. Owowow.
Stinking Skull Mace - Someone should have washed this a bit better. Smells like there's still some bits of stuff left on it.
Skullstone Hammer - Interesting looking skull on a stick...(No longer available in game.)

Miscellaneous Skulls
Voodoo Skull - You can play catch with this skull! But do so at your own risk. Don' be messin' wit da voodoo mon.
Skull Drinking Cup - You can now drink liquids from a something that used to hold brains. Flavorful!
Skull Staff of Shadowforge - A staff made of skulls...interesting.
Skull-Shaped Planter - Someone is rather decorative!

Serpentine Skuller - Pew pew!
Welpling-Skull Zapper - Poor whelplings, they're going to have such headaches.

There are many more skull-related items in game, many of which are armor or trinket related which may or may not be collectible by the majority of classes (ie Death Knight skull themed tier cannot be collected by a Priest, no matter how spiffy the armor is). There are also many items which are used for quests but I have chosen not to include those items since collecting those particular items are a bit difficult, especially for those who like to actually complete quests.

This week's list feels a bit short to me for some odd reason. I guess I'm just getting used to those monster lists! As always, if I missed anything pertaining to this topic please feel free to mention it in the comments. I love input and I'd be more than happy to correct any mistakes that I may have made; don't be shy!

That's all I have for this week's Hoarders: Azeroth Edition. I hope that you all have a an excellent weekend, and please avoid getting your skulls crushed in. I don't want to have to feature any of your ex-body parts in Hoarders. Really, I don't.



  1. Oh, accursed trash skulls! How sick I am of fishing you up!!

    This was a funny and entirely unexpected Hoarders. I laughed. :D

    It's not an item, but have you ever played through the new Silverpine as a Horde character yet? You encounter a GIANT skull called a Doomskull! Pretty funny monster.

  2. Velociraptor skulls, I have acquired many in my day.

    Glad to have kept you on your toes ; )

    I have not done that yet! I've done some incredibly minor dabbling through the Horde zones on a trial account Rogue, but I have yet to really dig into it on my actual account. A giant Doomskull you say? I may have to seek this fella out...

    Thanks for the heads up Rades!

  3. Lol- you always come up with the most interesting and surpriseing "Hoarders" items.

    Kiamara has one of those skulls stuck on top of her mage staff which she simply loves. It's one of those Argent champions seals things Sol gifted to her.

  4. /bows

    A tank you, tank you. I do what I can!

    My Mage is also sporting one of those skull staves, which has been passed down from my Warlock to my Priest to my Mage. It's a shame that once she's all grown up the staff will simply sit in a bank until I can move that bugger to a new realm. Still though, gotta love the power that a skull on a stick can give oneself.