Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hoarders: Azeroth Edition - The Chef's Cookbook

Hello and welcome to Chef Saz's Kitchen of Exotic Food and Drink! Today we shall be opening up the Master Cookbook of Azeroth to explore the many types of different foods and beverages that players are able to obtain and consume within World of Warcraft.

Once upon a time many years ago a friend and I came with a hair-brained idea that we'd move to California or Hawii and buy a shop on the beach. The shop would be called "Tubas and Tacos" and would essentially be two businesses in one. The tuba part would be an instrument repair and retail shop ran by yours truly, while the taco part would be a taco stand/general Mexican themed place of tasty goodness run by my friend. This idea was so epic that a third friend said she would come along and help out with both parts of the shop. Unfortunately like all brilliant hair-brained ideas, this one was simply not to be. I never got that degree in instrument repair and the three of us have all gone our separate ways both in location and seemingly in close friendship (they're still good people, we just don't keep in touch to often).

In real life I'm more or less a fail cook. Sure I can make some decent tacos and can cook a pretty mean frozen pizza, but don't ever expect me to whip up a fancy turkey dinner or anything. I tend mess up Ramen when I have to cook it in a pot (I'm a master at the microwave though!) so if I didn't have others to cook for me I'd basically resort to eating cereal from the box. However my pixelated counterpart, Saz the epic enhancement shaman of uberness, has earned her "Chef" title. You name it, she will learn it and whip it up for you in a jiffy. Through her I am vicariously an awesome chef.

I'm sure by this point dear reader you are wondering about what types of recipes you could potentially learn within Azeroth and what kind of bonus they carry when their products are consumed. Well there are 208 different recipes currently active in game, so let's get to the list. Shall we?

Emotional Foods
We can't always be robots. Beep.

Delicious Chocolate Cake - It makes you happy!
Bad Clams - These make you angry. I wonder why...
Haunted Herring - This food makes you scared. Also slightly haunted.
Last Week's Mammoth - Must have gone a bit bad because this food makes you sad.
Tasty Cupcake - Cupcakes make you happy! Must be the sprinkles.
Chocolate Cookie - "Makes you feel a little bit better."

Fun Foods
The following foods my result in hilarity. Use wisely.

Savory Deviate Delight - "Eat me!"
Dragonbreath Chili - You may want to suck on something minty before trying to kiss anyone after consuming this.
Stormchops - Zap your enemies with static!
Blackened Worg Steak - Allows you to track humanoids.
Critter Bites - Toss one of these at a critter to make a friend!
Tracker Snacks - Allows you to track beasts.

Health Foods
Foods to make you healthy!

61 health Spice Bread
61 health Brilliant Smallfish
61 health Charred Wolf Meat
61 health Roasted Boar Meat
61 health Slitherskin Mackerel
244 health Smoked Bear Meat
244 health Venison Jerky
244 health Loch Frenzy Delight
244 health Longjaw Mud Snapper
244 health Rainbow Fin Albacore
294 health Scorpid Surprise
552 health Westfall Stew
552 health Clam Chowder
552 health Dig Rat Stew
522 health Bristle Whisker Catfish
522 health Succulant Pork Ribs
875 health Rockscale Cod
875 health Mithril Head Trout
1392 health Filet of Redgill
1392 health Spotted Yellowtail
1392 health Undermine Clam Chowder
2148 health Baked Salmon
2148 health Lobster Stew
4320 health Blackened Trout
7500 health Stewed Trout
22500 health Northern Stew
67500 health Blackened Surprise
96000 health Fish Fry


1344.6 mana Goldthorn Tea - Really, 1344.6? Couldn't be rounded to 1345?
19200 mana Kungaloosh - Will make you tipsy. Hic!
96000 mana Starfire Expresso - Funny enough you don't get critted or obtain a buzz.
96000 mana South Island Iced Tea - This may make you a bit tipsy. Wee!

Food & Drink
Sometimes you just need a quick 2 in 1 deal.

294 health & mana Cooked Crab Claw
7500 health & 7200 mana Hot Buttered Trout
22500 health & 19200 mana Grilled Bonescale
22500 health & 19200 mana Sauteed Goby
22500 health & 19200 mana Smoked Rockfin
45000 health & 38400 mana Black Jelly
675000 health & 45000 mana Scalding Murglesnout - Blow on it, it's hot!

MP5 Food
Mana per 5 seconds. It's no longer in game, but we still have foods for it!

4 mp5 Smoked Sagefish
8 mp5 Sagefish Delight
10 mp5 Nightfin Soup
10 mp5 Blackened Sporefish

HP5 Food
You don't see Health per 5 second food, but we have a recipe for it!

6 hp5 Poached Sunscale Salmon

Spirit Food
Almost everyone can use a little spiritual boost now and again. This food is best suited for healers and spell casters though.

? spirit Bread of the Dead - "Zombies cannot live on brains alone." ~Tyrsenus, Wowhead Comment
2 spirit Crispy Bat Wing
2 spirit Gingerbread Cookie
2 spirit Herb Baked Egg
2 spirit Lynx Steak
2 spirit Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin
2 spirit Kaldorei Spider Kabob
2 spirit Spice Wolf Meat
2 spirit Beer Basted Boar Ribs
2 spirit Egg Nog - "Packs quite a kick..."
2 spirit Roasted Kodo Meat
4 spirit Bat Bites
4 spirit Boiled Clams
4 spirit Coyote Steak
4 spirit Fillet of Frenzy
4 spirit Goretusk Liver Pie
4 spirit Strider Stew
4 spirit Blood Sausage
4 spirit Crunchy Spider Surprise
4 spirit Crab Cake
4 spirit Crocolisk Steak
4 spirit Dry Pork Ribs
6 spirit Big Bear Steak
6 spirit Murloc Fin Soup
6 spirit Redridge Goulash
6 spirit Crispy Lizard Tail
6 spirit Seasoned Wolf Kabob
6 spirit Gooey Spider Cake
6 spirit Lean Venison
6 spirit Crocolisk Gumbo
6 spirit Goblin Deviled Clams
6 spirit Lean Wolf Steak
6 spirit Hot Lion Chops
6 spirit Curiously Tasty Omelet
8 spirit Hot Wolf Ribs
8 spirit Heavy Crocolisk Stew
8 spirit Tasty Lion Steak
8 spirit Barbecued Buzzard Wing
8 spirit Carrion Surprise
8 spirit Giant Clam Scorcho
8 spirit Jungle Stew
8 spirit Mystery Stew
8 spirit Roast Raptor
8 spirit Soothing Turtle Bisque
10 spirit Hot Smoked Bass
12 spirit Heavy Kodo Stew
12 spirit Spider Sausage
12 spirit Monster Omelet
12 spirit Spiced Chili Crab
12 spirit Tender Wolf Steak
20 spirit Buzzard Bites
20 spirit Clam Bar - "Chewy and Delicious!" Somehow I'm not convinced.
20 spirit Feltail Delight
20 spirit Hot Apple Cider - More of a drink than a food. It is also slightly alcoholic.
20 spirit Talbuk Steak
20 spirit Mok'Nathal Shortribs
20 spirit Pickled Fangtooth
20 spirit Spicy Crawdad
20 spirit Fisherman's Feast
30 spirit Rhino Dogs
40 spirit Cuttlesteak
40 spirit Mighty Rhino Dogs
40 spirit Spicy Friend Herring
60 spirit Whitecrest Gumbo
90 spirit Delicious Sagefish Tail
xlvl spirit Pumpkin Pie (Alliance)
xlvl spirit Pumpkin Pie (Horde)

Hit Food
This type of food is for those of you who lack the focus to actually hit a mob. Now you can hit it like you mean it!

40 hit Worg Tartare
40 hit Snapper Extreme
60 hit Seasoned Crab
90 hit Grilled Dragon - Want to hit the dragon? Eat some dragon!
xlvl hit Spice Bread Stuffing (Alliance)
xlvl hit Spice Bread Stuffing (Horde)

For those of you who need a little more expertise in doing what you do.

40 expertise Rhinolicious Wormsteak
60 expertise Lavascale Filet 
90 expertise Crocolisk Au Gratin

Spell Power Food
Are your spells feeling a bit weak? Need a bit of a boost? Spell power foods may be just what you need! Sorry Hunters, spell power food will NOT make your mend pet spell hit any harder.

14 spell power Juicy Bear Burger
35 spell power Shoveltusk Steak
35 spell power Smoked Salmon
46 spell power Firecracker Salmon
46 spell power Tender Shoveltusk Steak
xlvl spell power Cranberry Chutney (Alliance)
xlvl spell power Cranberry Chutney (Horde)

Haste Foods
Warning: the following foods may cause hyper activity. Use with caution!

30 haste Baked Manta Ray
30 haste Roasted Worg
40 haste Imperial Manta Steak
40 haste Very Burnt Worg - Makes you want to work faster to get the taste out.
60 haste Broiled Mountain Trout
90 haste Basilisk Liverdog - Uh, ew?
xlvl haste Candied Sweet Potato (Alliance)
xlvl haste Candied Sweet Potato (Horde)

Stamina Foods
We could all use a little stamina once in a while. Right?

10 stamina Cooked Glossy Mightfish
10 stamina Mightfish Steak
25 stamina Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops
90 stamina + 90 in another useful stat Fortune Cookie - Try to avoid eating the fortune.

Agility Foods
Agility: it gives you cat-like reflexes!

10 agility Grilled Squid
40 agility Blackened Dragonfin
60 agility Tender Baked Turtle
90 agility Skewered Eel

Attack Power Foods
Sometimes you just need to hit that boss's butt cheek a little bit harder.

24 attack power Charred Bear Kabobs
60 attack power Grilled Sculpin
60 attack power Mammoth Meal
80 attack power Mega Mammoth Meal
80 attack power Poached Nothern Sculpin
xlvl attack power Slow-Roasted Turkey (Alliance)
xlvl attack power Slow-Roasted Turkey (Hoard)

Intellect Foods
Want to be a little bit smarter? Don't I have the food(s) just for you!

10 intellect Runn Tum Tuber Suprise
60 intellect Pickled Guppy - This can't be smart to eat.
90 intellect Severed Sagefish Head

Strength Foods
For when intellect isn't your thing.

20 strength Smoked Desert Dumplings
40 strength Dragonfin Filet
60 strength Hearty Seafood Soup
90 strength Beer-Basted Crocolisk

Critical Stike Foods
Specially designed to help you crit the faces off of your foes.

30 critical strike Poached Nettlefish
30 critical strike Worm Delight - A favorite of Balance Druids.
40 critical strike Hearty Rhino
40 critical strike Spiced Worm Burger - Another favorite of Balance Druids.
40 critical strike Spicy Blue Nettlefish - Man, these crit chickens have all kinds of good taste.
60 critical strike Lightly Fried Lurker
90 critical strike Baked Rockfish

Dodge Foods
Any type of food that makes you more apt to dodge things while you're running and/or tackling something probably has a sketchy make up.

60 dodge Lurker Lunch
90 dodge Mushroom Sauce Mudfish

Parry Foods
How a food can make you parry an attack is beyond me.

90 parry Blackbelly Sushi

Mastery Foods
So I heard that you wanted to be the very best, the best there ever was.

60 mastery Salted Eye - There's gotta be something better to eat in order to become a master...
90 mastery Lavascale Minestrone

Mixed Foods
Whatever is leftover goes here.

24 attack power + 14 spell power Clamlette Magnifique
40 attack power + 20 spirit Ravager Dog - "Don't ask what it's made of."
60 attack power + 35 spell power + 30 stamina Dalaran Clam Chowder

23 spell power + 20 spirit Blackened Basilisk - "Seared to perfection!"
23 spell power + 20 spirit Poached Bluefish 
23 spell power + 20 spirit Golden Fish Sticks
23 spell power + 20 spirit Crunchy Serpent

20 agility + 20 spirit Grilled Mudfish
20 agility + 20 spirit Warped Burger

20 strength + 20 spirit Roasted Clefthoof

20 critical strike + 20 spirit Skullfish Soup

20 hit + 20 spirit Spicy Hot Talbuk

8 resistance to all schools of magic Broiled Bloodfin

100 fishing Feathered Lure - Not quite sure how one "cooks" this up, but there you have it. Please do not attempt to eat this item, it goes on your fishing pole.

Feasts Fit For a King!
...or at least a small army.

Gigantic Feast - One feast to make you larger...
Small Feast - feast to make you smaller.
60 attack power + 35 spell power + 30 stamina Great Feast
80 attack power + 46 spell power + 40 stamina Fish Feast
60 stamina + 60 of another useful stat Broiled Dragon Feast
90 stamina + 90 of another useful stat Seafood Magnifique Feast

Classy Foods
The title says it all.

Rogue - Thistle Tea
Hunter - Kibler's Bits - "Pet tested, hunter approved."
Hunter - Sporeling Snack - "Pets love sporeling snacks!"
Hunter - Spice Mammoth Treats - 450 hp2 for 10 seconds.

Home Brews
Pints are on me!

Captain Rumsey's Lager - Increases your fishing by 10 for three minutes.
Darkbrew Lager - It's a wee bit strong, laddies.
Highland Spirits - Another drink that packs a bit of a punch.

Tools of the Trade
Every good cook needs some tools...or at least something to heat up the broth with.

Cooking Outfit - You're not a proper chef without one!
Basic Campfire - For when you're away from the hearth.
Lil' Ragnaros - Forgot your flint and tinder (not that you need these anymore)? Away from home? Use this little guy to heat up your food!

I hope this edition of Hoarders has left you all full and satisfied. Now go out into the world and find yourself some new recipes to enjoy!

Thank you for stopping. Please come again!

** Please note that many foods also have a stamina bonus attached to them. I chose not to acknowledge this fact simply to save time and space. Please hover over or click the links provided to see the proper stamina values on a given product.**


  1. Thanks for this Hoarder's list! Sol found a few he don't have in his cookbook just yet and left to go find them.

  2. Saz,
    Can I hire you as my personal chef? I didnt know half these things existed. Oh and what about Rumsey's Rum? Good drink for tipsy but extra stam. I didnt see it.
    Anyways one of the best Hoarders posts yet, I need to bookmark it...then figure out how to start WoW cooking...sort of. I cook decent in the RL, not great but decent. In WoW...ya I burn EVERYTHING. Have a great day Saz!

  3. @Sol - I'm glad it was useful for you! You are very welcome for the list.

    @Mhorgrim - You may certainly hire me if you so wish, I'm always looking for work after all ; ) The Rumsey Rum that you are thinking of is a drop in Tol Barad and does indeed give you a stamina boost of 10 for 15 minutes while getting you drunk to boot. It is unfortunately not a recipe, and I think the one you are thinking of is "Captain Rumsey's Lager" which is in the list.

    Starting to cook in WoW is the easy part...gathering all the materials to level it up is the painful part. I definitely recommend leveling fishing along side cooking, seeing as though most of what you catch will help level your cooking. Unless of course you'd rather not travel that much and have deep pockets to clear the AH out with! Here's a wonderful recipe to get you started though:

    Bring two gnomes, two eggs. Beat Gnomes, separate the eggs- or was it... eh, details.

    ^ Super secret ancient Draenei recipe right there!

  4. Thanks for doing this, Saz! Definitely bookmarking this for my future use because "Iron Chef" is the only achievement left in my Cooking profession.

  5. It was my pleasure! I get a kick out of putting these lists together, I always stumble across little gems that I would have otherwise completely missed. I'm glad that my list obsession will be of use you to ^_^