Thursday, August 25, 2011

20 Days of...My Favourite Spot (Day 17)

Someday soon I shall finish with Saga's 20 Days of challenge, but until that day comes you will all have to sit through a few more posts of it before I go back to whatever it was that I wrote prior to finding these delightful little filler posts.

It's becoming rather difficult these days to say where my favorite spot in Azeroth is. I've been playing alts and doing so many dailies lately that I haven't taken a whole lot of time to just hang out in a singular spot. Sure I have my favorite hangout spots, there are places where I'd like to live, and spots that I would vacation to, but out of all the areas that are available in Azeroth/Outland, I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite. I suppose that after being in so many different places over the years it has become difficult to decide which of the many amazing little nooks in WoW could be considered my most favorite place to be. I've always loved the alien and odd look of Eversong Woods, the homey feel of the bridge in Ironforge; often I find myself marveling at various instances (take a walk through Wrath of the Lich King's Caverns of Time, there's neat houses in there!). know, I think I may like the deserts of Tanaris best. I can recall the first time I road through the area on my Darnassian Nightsaber late one night. I'm not sure what it is about riding on a cat mount through the desert, but it just feels so calm and fluid. I also loved running through that zone on my druid (as kitty, naturally). Running through the sands while pouncing hyenas was just too much fun while I was leveling. Yes, I think it's safe to say that the deserts of Tanaris would qualify for one of my more favorite spots.


  1. I miss those rides through tanaris too. On the Mek chopper, singing Americas 'Horse with no name' over and over...:)

  2. Ahaha, that image is fantastic!

  3. Tanaris is definitely a nice looking zone once you get past the whole "desert" thing. Their nightsky especially I really quite enjoy :)