Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brawler's Be Brawlin'

Hey everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday and that you didn't find yourself at the bottom of a cask of Dwarven Ale during the New Year celebrations, at least not without supervision. My holidays pretty much consisted of having a house full of family for about a week and a half, roughly two days of me being feverish, and a whole ton of sleeping. It was a super productive stretch of time, let me tell you.

Despite the lunacy that was the holidays, there has been a good bit of exploration of the solo content going on. While the raiding break has been kind of awkward, I've definitely been keeping busy. Alts? Two more are sitting at 90, one of which is a second shaman. Pet battles? Diggin' them. Working my way through old raids? You bet. Brawler's Guild? Just hit rank 8 and let me tell you, those bosses mean business!

Slowly but surely I've also been working on putting out video guides. I don't just mean "Hey, watch me tackle things while music is playing in the background!" sort of videos either. These guides actually have words that are verbally spoken by me. Let me tell you, moving from a text-based mindset into a speaking one is awkward at best for me. While I have a tendency to be verbose in text, I'm often easily tongue-tied and rather soft spoken. It's been an interesting project thus far, one that's certainly pushing my comfort zone.

So, it is with much excitement and dread that I present to you my Brawler's Guild guides. I say dread mainly because it's painfully apparently how much of a learning process this series will be for me format wise, and I say excitement because videos of this nature are something that I've been wanting to do for some time. I only have ranks 1 and 2 complete at the time of writing this post, but rank 3 should be out within the next day or two. I really cannot wait to be able to share ranks 7 and 8 with everyone!

Right, videos.

So what do you all think? Is this enough, or would you all prefer supplemental text guides that broke things down even more? I know these videos are fairly fast paced, and that was kind of the intent. I wanted short and sweet versus something that drones on, but I realize that it may not be quite enough for some. Toss me some feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it!

One top of all the Brawler's stuff, I'm hoping to get out guides on how to solo old raids fairly soon. Once those are published I'll be linking those on the What's Soloable By Enhancement post, but for best results watch either Twitter, Facebook, or even Youtube itself for announcements of when they're posted.

Anyways, off I go to tinker with more video footage and hopefully acquire my 'Brawler' title. Like I said earlier in this post, those rank 8 bosses mean business. So much fancy footwork involved and if you're a bit slow, BOOM. You're a splatter on the ground. Needless to say, I've died a lot so far to rank 8. So much fun! No sarcasm, because as frustrating as Brawler's Guild can become, it really is a friggen blast. I definitely encourage you all to go check it out at some point.


  1. This might be just me but I find when my eyes are seeing my ears aren't listening that good. I don't think you have to expand on the info you give in the video but if you could add the text that would be great.

    Signed, Person who can only use one sense at a time, lol!

    1. Have any particular way on how you'd prefer the text to be presented, by chance? I was hoping that the brief over views before each fight in the second video would help some; was it too brief? Or would something like subtitles to what I'm saying help out some?

      Silly thing and your one sense at a time usage <3

  2. Yup, the text before the second fight helped, I usually watch a video first and then go back and read it and view it again. All that still won't help me actually kill anything lol but I like to dream!

    1. Good, I was definitely hoping that it'd help out some. You never know, maybe someday you'll be able to tackle those guys as well! I think you could do it ; )