Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Saz Lives! And Updates.

Hey guys, just swinging by the blog to let you all know that I have NOT completely fallen off of the face of the Earth. Mists of Pandaria is keeping be extremely busy, between the mounds of dailies and raiding, so it might be a bit before I return to make any sort of content for this particular space or my fanfiction blog.

Here's a heads up on the projects I have been working on/plan to get to in the near future:

1) Mists of Pandaria Enhancement Raiding Guide - This guide has been a collaborative effort, with me writing pretty much all of the fluff stuff while Purge took care of the theorycrafty/gearing stuff and Platform did up all of the rotational stuff. This guide should in theory be cross-posted to the general forums, MMO-Champ, and possibly even EJ soonish, but I have no eta on that. Keep in mind that there will be adjustments made to the guide within the next few weeks, once the theorycrafting boys get a free moment. For now though, enjoy and I hope it helps!

2) Raiding Videos - Yes, I've been at it again with the PoV videos. I haven't been doing any fancy editing with the most recent kill videos (you get to hear us scream and swear, what fun!), but I do plan on eventually getting around to doing some how-to guides here on WoS when I get a moment. I need to get a solid grip on the encounters myself before I feel even remotely capable of passing on any "tips" to my readers after all! Until then, you can watch me derp around on Youtube.

3) UI Walk Through - This is a project that I hope to record by sometime this coming weekend. I've had several people on Twitter, Youtube itself, and even an email about my UI, plus I always have guild mates bugging me about how I set up this or that. Since the UI portion of my blog needs an update anyways, I'll be killing many birds with one stone. If such a thing interests you, keep your eyes peeled! It should be coming soon.

4) General Blog Updates - Several aspects of WoS are kind of completely outdated, especially the guide links. Fixes coming as soon as I get a moment!

5) Twitterland Raiding - Currently suspended until further notice! Well, the site is still very much there for everyone to use, but I still personally will not be raid leading anything until the dust settles with t14 raid progression, which may be a while yet with how the time tables are laid out for raid releases. I do plan on raid leading a few Firelands achievement runs, as all as a few DS runs. More Ulduar and ICC is also in the plans, and we'll more than likely also do a few more Herald runs for those who missed out.

6) Twitterland Raiding on Steam - This is kind of old news by now and I'm sure I've mentioned it, but Twitterland Raiding is also on Steam! If you want to hook up with your Twitter buddies on the Steam community, there's the place to do it. You all can thank Binkenstein for that one. I think it's pretty neat anyways, even if I don't have much time for Steam goodness.

7) Other projects - Yes, I know. I need more projects like I need holes in my head. I'm hoping to at some point work on a solo Podcasty-type project. However, I have yet to find the time to properly research all of the aspects to cover my butt (bandwidth to monetary requirement ratios, as my budget is still very much at zero; things of the legal nature, if there are any; etc) so I don't have a ton of information on that for the moment. I will however be bugging you all at some point for opinions/participation in that project, if I give it a go!

Since I'm pretty slack at posting these days, if you have any interest on my latest projects/internet postings, you can always find me linking things over on my WoW-based Facebook account or on Twitter. I'm always babbling on Twitter, so beware of that, but Facebook is generally only used for project linking and the occasional screen shot. I've also been trying (and failing quite well) to use my Tumblr account more often. The plan was to do a whole series of pictures involving my ginger mug and my bandana collection, mainly because I know you're all just dying to see both. I'll get back to it eventually, but for now MoP has gotten in the way. It's in the "eh, I'll get to it eventually" pile.

Anyways, a lot of things on my crazy plate, as per usual. I will return to everything at some point. I will get all of my things accomplished, it's just a lot of waiting while I muddle through it all. One thing at a time, eh?

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