Friday, August 31, 2012

Shaman & Feral/Guardian Resource Dump

I have been running across many class guides as of late that contain solid information on the 5.0.4 class changes. I personally have had no real time to put together any sort of guide myself, so here, have some links! Yes, I am including links for all three shaman specs as I have been playing with all three as of late, and I will be including feral/guardian guides as well since they pertain to my interests with my druid, who is my favorite and most used alt. This post is just as much for me as it is for you!

Be warned, some of the info found in some of these guides may potentially be out of date, thus making the information in them somewhat incorrect. Much of the information in these guides are subject to change as Blizz continues to balance the classes. As always, please check and double check on the information you read about! Cross-referencing information is the only way to be sure that you're getting the correct information.

Totemspot - This site is run by the wonderful Mr. Binkenstein. If you can't find solid shaman theorycrafting, look no further. While the site is heavily elemental-focused, it does have some very solid enhancement shaman working behind the scenes (namely Purge, who is a beast with the numbers), and tries overall not to neglect the other specs. Still trying to wrangle in a few more restos to the site ; )

Purge's Enhancement Primer for 5.0.4 - Found over on Totemspot. Purge has also done an excellent post on haste for enhancement shaman, which can be found here.
EJ's Enhancement Guide - For those of you who prefer walls of text and in-depth info ; )
Totem Talk: What to expect when you're enhancing - A great little blog post by the one and only Elam over on WowInsider.

Binkenstein's Elemental Primer for 5.0.4 - This article is found over on Totemspot. I highly recommend digging around on there for all of Binks' ele-related posts.
5.0.4 Elemental Changes - This article is found on the blog called Elemental Entropy. Looks like there's a good chunk of info in there, so definitely give it a look see!
Totem Talk: Surviving playing elemental in 5.0.4 - Another great blog post by Elam over on WowInsider.

Life in Group 5's 5.0 Guide - An excellent over view of the changes between the recent patches. If you're a resto shaman who doesn't follow that blog yet, I definitely recommend doing so!
EJ's Resto Guide - A very in depth look at restoration. Great stuff within!
Healiocentric's Resto Guide - A new blogger on the block, but definitely has some good in depth break downs of the new heal information. Also be sure to dig around on that blog for healing information on other classes as well.
Totem Talk: Surviving patch 5.04 as a restoration shaman -  A blog post by Mr. Lodur over on WowInsider; a definite must-read.
Resto Shaman 5.0 Guide - A very nicely put together resto guide over at Spiritwalker's Grace.

The Fluid Druid - Your one stop shop for all of your druid needs. Alaron has been the cat to go to for quite some time as far as feral is concerned, but the man has been busy with dabbling in the other three specs as well. If you're into monks, you should check out his other project called World of Monkcraft.

Alaron's 5.0 Feral DPS Guide - This was Alaron's post on the official forums. Good stuff there!

Guardian Patch 5.0.4 Survival Guide - This is the ever so excellent guide that can be found over at the Inconspicuous Bear. Extremely in depth, incredibly well done. The Inc Bear mostly covers the tanking aspect for druids, but also do some cat stuff! Definitely check out their forums when you get a chance.

Edit: I've been continually tweaking this list. I have removed some guides from the line-up due to inaccurate information, while others have been added as I trust them to be trust worthy sources.


  1. Thanks for posting the links! I've been dodging spoilers before, but now I'm trying to sort out the new feral kitteh-ness and this saved me a lot of time. :)

    Nothing like relearning how to play over a holiday weekend! :D

    1. You are more than welcome! I definitely recommend checking our Alaron's posts (both on The Fluid Druid and on the official forums) for kitty. Been loving the changes so far, but need to tweak my feralness a bit yet as well!