Thursday, March 8, 2012

The One That Started It All

I ran across this neat little challenge hosted by Cymre and couldn't pass it up.

Show us your very first screenshot from the game. Tell us about it, including the date, what you remember about the photo and who was in it with you. Do they still play?

I no longer know which screen shot was officially my first. Way back when, I used to rename my screen shots, thus their original file dates became a bit inaccurate. I've also gone through a few computers over the years, so a few images may have been lost in the shuffle.

I do however have a general idea which remaining screen shots are the oldest. Thus, I give you baby Spazm.

This is my mage on March 3, 2008. It was taken at the old inn located in Westfall. I think at that time I found her tailoring animations adorable, thus a screen shot.

Spazm is the second oldest character that I have on Aggramar, with Saz being the oldest. She is currently the lowest level character I have on my home server and usually takes care of all my banking needs. This image, plus several that I took shortly after this one of Saz, is basically what began my screen shot obsession.

You see, when I found out that not only could I take screen shots, but I could remove my UI from my screen shots as well, I started to go crazy with the feature. Everything became that much more adorable to me, that much prettier, that much more desirable to have an image of.  It started a craze that continues on today. I haven't tallied the numbers since last year sometime, but the last time I checked I was pushing 20k screen shots total. I'm sure I'm well within the 25k-30k+ region by now.

That guy in the background? No clue who the heck he was, or if he (or she in disguise) still plays or not. He/she is just one of many random folks who have made their unintentional appearances within my various shots.


  1. Thx for joining in the meme Saz. Nice shot btw :)

    1. Thanks! And thanks for starting this one up : )

  2. Replies
    1. Spazm's waving back, you just can't see her. Darn Draenei are too tall and like to stand in front of her...

  3. Oh no, another deceptively cute Gnome killing machine!

    I don't know how many screen shots I still have but my folder is many GBs large but probably from my insistence on saving everything in giant .TGA format and I keep four shots of the save thing cause I can't bear to get rid of them.

    1. She's a frosty little one, don't let her green eyes tell you otherwise!

      I should really see how many gigs my image folder(s) really is. The space we'd have if we didn't insist on having multiples of everything! You're not alone, I can never delete anything either.